Month: April 2013


Small thing perhaps

Sometimes you see something that raises a question mark in your mind – but the question (before the question mark) is not properly formed and you think to yourself “Life’s to short.. I can’t be bothered” – and you don’t spend any more effort on it, formulating a question. ButRead More


Song for deep thinkers only. Best understood after watching the movie, ‘Into the Wild’.  

Thought for tomorrow

“That which makes us human, also makes us inhuman.” – Captain Walker (April 2013) Accepted human capacities  fall in the following domains: Aggression & violence Jealousy Malice Greed Possessiveness Love Protection of loved ones Experience of pleasure Thinking Creativity  and innovation Loyalty Understanding Adaptation Sentience .. and the list isRead More

A prison for your mind

Some…many, will never get it..they will glance fleetingly at this video…and say “SciFi is not my thing.. I don’t watch SciFi..never been into it..can’t stand it..  I’m not a SciFi can’t get me to watch SciFi anything.” – thereby missing exactly the point – opting to remain imprisoned. NoRead More

Driven to put right an injustice.

I return to a theme I have been exploring in various ways: what drives people.  I had written about When you’re right  in March 2012. Injustice is something that one feels inside. It’s not like a physical pain. It may be a form of mental discomfort. It is something thatRead More


The Cap has been watching – and listening – very carefully to Barcelona… Um.. it’s an alternative Rock group – hardly recognised by many. However, the Cap is a supporter of small bands who are really trying to get ahead. As some may know, the Cap is also Life MemberRead More

Brings tears to my eyes

It may be a source of amusement to many that much of my present modus operandi has been influenced by a fictional character – namely Mr Spock – from a mere Sci-Fi movie; so weird am I. As a youngster I watched every Star Trek film on TV. I wasRead More

Thought for tomorrow

‘Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing,Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness;So on the ocean of life we pass and speak once another,Only a look and a voice, then darkness again and silence.’ –  HW Longfellow, ‘The Theologian’s Tale: Elizabeth’Read More

Getting ahead

Recently I’ve been thinking about how people get ahead i.e. progress with life and careers etc. There are several ways and it’s possible to categorise this in many different ways. If I was doing a lecture on this to impress people, I’d put up some slides and show some fancyRead More

Shamelessness – a new world order

I’m really becoming very worried about the state of the world. Look at this: Stand with the Maasai, where thousands of Maasai are about to be evicted from their land to allow wealthy game hunters to roam. No – I’m not one who usually jumps on to bandwagons and campaigns.Read More

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