Saved by Google Drive

by Captain Walker

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Actually this is about me ‘saving myself’ using Google Drive.

What happened? I was searching madly for a file on my computer starting with filename: 2011_12_  that was in a certain folder. It wasn’t there!! Panic was about to set in. Well, I’m exaggerating a bit cuz few things cause me panic. :)

Bingo!! Brilliant idea comes into head i.e. ‘search my Google Drive’. Hmmm.. most people I know don’t know what Google Drive is. Oh but when you say ‘Cloud’ – then they nod heads, as if they know – but in reality they actually know bugger all about what Google Drive is or what ‘the Cloud’ is.

Well, why would I want to search my Google Drive (the fictitious ‘idiot in my head’ interrupts to ask)? Cuz months ago I’d set up Gladinet to back up all my treasured files from my computer to Google Drive. Errh.. this was after giving Mediafire the kick. Why (says the ‘idiot’)? Cuz Google was providing 200GB for $USD9.99/month – which is an excellent deal.  I’m a backup fanatic – cuz I just hate to lose files. I wrote about how I was Saved by Carbonite at the end of 2010. Carbonite, I still have but as soon as my subscriptions run out I won’t be renewing, unless they come up with something more cost effective for my needs. Yes – like I have several layers of over-backup.

Ok.. so after this ‘idiot in my head’ has distracted me with all sorts of questions, I finally come back around to how I was saved by by Google Drive. I go into my Google drive and type in: 2011_12_ – and..and.. the full file name of what I was missing on my hard drive turns up on my Google Drive!! I was ecstatic! I was then able to download it to the hard drive on my computer.

Which leaves me now with a question about how the file was erased from my computer’s hard drive in the first instance. My theory is that perhaps one day in the last year I was using some software to delete duplicate files and accidentally removed it. Immediately I’m hearing something from ‘the idiot’ going, “I’ll stay far from that one, then!” I shold know better. Minor degrees of anxiety, caused by one person’s experience, with one file, which is not proved to be caused by the software, which is more likely to be due to human error, causes ‘the idiot’ to break out in panic attacks and draw conclusions.

My point is that hyper-redundant storage is now a  must for those who store zillions of files and may need to recover personal and business data.


Supplemental: A few things to note

  1. I’m not interested:
    • whether you think I’m an IT wizard, or not.
    • whether you’re an IT wizard, or not.
    • in the fact that you have no need to back up your computer.
    • if you think there is a better backup service elsewhere – I’m sure there is.
    • in teaching IT skills and knowledge, unless I see the money upfront (at >£300/hr).
    • whether anyone thinks my grammar, punctuation and style is good or not.
    • whether your religion prohibits you from using computers and cloud storage, that’s fine.
    • whether you prefer Google, Carbonite, Apple, Skydrive, Amazon or whatever alternative cloud storage.
    • your brand of cell/mobile phone.
    • in your psychiatric evaluation of my state of existence about the ‘idiot in my head’. (more on that another time; stay tuned and mind point 4 below.).
  2. I’m not the Yellow Pages, to inform you whether there is a better service for your needs – Google (or some other search engine) is your friend; I’m not.
  3. It was my experience – and I liked it as it was.
  4. No further enquires accepted or tolerated – although I’m saying this more these days, I’ve noticed that some have dared to disrespect my wishes. So, let me spell it out: you will be sent to Coventry.
  5. Taking a flying leap is optional – but if you decide to jump, head first is mandatory.
  6. I’ll take my flying leap when I please, thank you very much – and no encouragement is required.

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