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Getting ahead

Recently I’ve been thinking about how people get ahead i.e. progress with life and careers etc. There are several ways and it’s possible to categorise this in many different ways. If I was doing a lecture on this to impress people, I’d put up some slides and show some fancy flow charts – which would get heads nodding in an audience. But anyone who knows me, will know that’s not my style.

The usual things people know is that being bright, working hard, applying one’s knowledge, being creative and innovative – are the ways to get ahead. So that’s a very boring lecture because most people know that stuff. Then there’s getting ahead by manipulation, smiling a lot, conning people, being devious, bullying others, and using sexual influence to change minds. Hmm.. suddenly that seems less boring – innit? But I’m about to destroy your hopes of an exciting read. I’m such a killjoy.

If you aren’t seen to be getting ahead in life, the world comes to a view that it’s something about you. Well, that’s not surprising – the world hardly is capable of sitting down and contemplating, “Is something not right with our world that hasn’t helped this person to get ahead’?” Nope – the world is always right based on the phenomenon of numbers. If a whole load of people think and believe something they’re seen to be right (in the vast majority of cases).

I struggle to get ahead. And this ‘getting ahead’ thing is about people remaining on the treadmill subscribing to the ‘rules’ set out for them. Just hang on!! I have no problem with rules. I’m referring to a set of rules that people subscribe to, that lives under the veneer of official rules. So that’s what I’ve been thinking about. Not much comes easy to me. When I analyse why I do not get ahead as efficiently as others a few things pan out.

  1. I don’t abnormally manipulate, smile a lot, con people, bully –  and
  2. In general I fail to charm a majority of people.
  3. I don’t accept favours of any kind – and that message is transmitted at some distance in radius surrounding me.
  4. I certainly have no sexual favours to offer, and I’m never offered any way – and in advance my position is to refuse.
  5. I dismiss people who intend to smile a lot, con others, bully others, manipulate minds by sexual favours or deviousness
  6. I speak my mind which means I disagree with people and their opinions a lot.
  7. I think carefully about what people say and if it’s rubbish or logically wrong, I’ll say so.
  8. I also put people on notice that should they attempt conduct themselves the wrong way, their days are numbered.
  9. I’m critical of even my friends and family – because  I’m not interested in maintaining relationships under hypocrisy.

All the above tends to make people feel somewhat nervous, simply because in my presence they are under scrutiny, and I won’t hesitate to be unforgiving. ‘Loose canon’ is a term that may come to the minds of others – because I don’t ‘play the game’ by the unwritten ‘rules’ and ‘constraints’ they subscribe to (even unadmittedly or unconsciously). But the above points do not mean I’ll pick a fight for the sake of it – but I am not surprised if I will be perceived as such. Think about it.

People in general tend more to like others with the following characteristics:

  1. Easy going and easy to talk to.
  2. Somewhat naive but no overly naive.
  3. Happy go lucky.
  4. Don’t put others under scrutiny or challenge their bullshit or lack of logic.
  5. Says complimentary things whilst smiling a lot.
  6. Willing to do favours at the drop of a hat.
  7. Those who will more likely than not agree with them – and seemingly be on the same wavelength.

And now – do I wish to change? NO! I refuse to want to change so as to attract friends or followers. Those who get closer to me – even for brief periods know eventually that I’m not into mutual back-scratching, loyalty for favours done, will not overlook personal faults that are repeated.

So what does all that mean? It means that I refuse to get ahead if I have to subscribe to a silly bunch of unwritten rules common to some ‘herd’. And that’s just the point – I think that the human race ought to have transcended the unconscious rules that give advantage to those who worship the ways of the herd.

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