by Captain Walker

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The Cap has been watching – and listening – very carefully to Barcelona… Um.. it’s an alternative Rock group – hardly recognised by many. However, the Cap is a supporter of small bands who are really trying to get ahead. As some may know, the Cap is also Life Member at Magnatune…and they’re ‘not evil’.

I don’t think that the video to the left is an official video but it’s quite interesting and thought provoking, if one listens to the lyrics.. and isn’t distracted too much by internal goings on…in one’s private fantasy world, in some twisted way.

The next video shows the band performing live.

Calm down – Barcelona doesn’t know of my existence – and ‘no’ I don’t have any personal connections with band folk or their friends. Actually at this time I don’t even know the names of the people in the band.

And no – I don’t have any of their band T-shirts or memorabilia. Chrysst!! What is it with people? You can’t like a bands music without being obsessed and rushing out madly to buy stuff? Give me a break!

All I’m occupied with, is the uniqueness of their music, and how they bring lyrics to life with such meaning. Yes – I’m cool if you see nothing unique about their music.. and that you know 100 other bands that make similar music. I don’t give a monkeys.  If you don’t ‘see’ what I see in them, or  you don’t like their music, or the band members or whatever – I’m not interested – kindly push on, or off, or whatever.

Lyrics? See below.

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