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Living out the future..

It’s the greatest time to be alive!! And ‘time’ is of the essence.

I recall 35 years ago as high-school kids we wondered almost weekly what the world would be like in 2010 (an important ‘landmark’ of the future for me).

Well, I’m here! And the ‘future’ is great! Live video conferencing on handheld devices – with a few who have stayed abreast of the future, and music videos in colour from Space! I feel like Dick Tracy, sort of – just calm down! LOL. Oh BTW Dick Tracy was ‘wrong’ – his handheld video-conference devices were the wrong shape.  [Errh.. I should be careful to state that I am not a fan of Dick Tracy and rarely ever read the comic strip – just in case I start receiving correspondence on this).

And I can’t wait for 2020 (or so) when we get 5G wireless broadband on handheld devices.

What’s next, besides Global Warming and CO2 madness? Bring it on!

But the future is not all rosey.

We are at risk of self-destruction. Let’s change that future.

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