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Honest accurate reviews unwelcome

This is evidence of R.O.B i.e. Rip-Off Britain – and how the truth is covered up! This is a cultural phenomenon in the country i.e. covering up the truth.

Good points:

The location is excellent for business or leisure in the heart of Manchester. Cost of a double room on the day was £32 (a special price not inclusive of breakfast). Easy access to local shops and transport. Pleasant staff. Paid parking non-discounted was nearby (like 100 yards) – and there was street side PAD parking.

Bad points:

My comments are fair and evidence-based at the point of my experience. I cannot have experience of what it is like in all the rooms or in the hotel, averaged over 365 days in the year.

  1. Paid parking offering a discount was nearly half a mile away. I have a map printed by the hotel that shows this.
  2. Grotty-looking soft seating in the bar – I doubt it comes to that sort of condition one day or even a month. If it was my business I would have had such furniture replaced long ago.
  3. Large stains on carpet in my room. Two light switches in room did not work. No – it’s for the people who service the room to check this and report it to their management before they offer the room for occupancy; not to leave it to me to report. Walls were paper thin – which meant I heard a TV and talking at normal volume, from another room.
  4. One of the elevators did not work on the day. Yes – I know these things happen but it added to my overall negative perception based on the above.
  5. This form (which may not have been designed by the Hotel) asks me “Would you recommend Manchester to other travellers?” It seems to me to be an irrelevant question because ‘Manchester’ has nothing to do with the hotel itself (or vice versa). If my response turns out to be a ‘yes’ to recommending this hotel, by some IT quirk it is not my intention. I would say that, if you need a cheap hotel in the heart of town and are prepared to rough it, only then go for this hotel – otherwise don’t.

I am aware from my frequent stays at hotels around he country that they normally say that they were aware of issues and have a management plan in place to address the issues. My standard response is that the customer at point of purchase is not aware of this or is even interested. Customers only require a certain quality that they might expect and if they don’t get it, they will speak about it.

Yes – you may say, ‘It serves me right’ but you weren’t there at the Hotel. I got a special discount at supposedly good hotel, that was well rated. My reference to ‘cheap’ in the review is the way it came across but the usual price ain’t cheap!

And yes – I sent them the link to the photo you see.

The above review is totally accurate. Yes – you don’t like my ‘tone’ – and I imagine the website or the Hotel Managers where I submitted the review didn’t like it either.  They did not publish it at all. I mean they did not even contact me with an edited version – and the Managers of the Hotel did not contact me either.

Well, you can bet I’m a marked man – and that the Hotel will have blacklisted me for this review. I ain’t boverred.. cuz I was never going to stay there.. I blacklisted them before they blacklisted me!! You want to know the name of this hotel, and why I haven’t named it. It’s simple – it’s a multimillion dollar hotel chain, and I know they’d make my life hard by taking me to court on some nonsense or the other. Money is like muscle; they have bigger muscles so they can cause more stress. What they can’t do is stop me from telling 10 other people by word of mouth the name of this Hotel, and they in turn telling a number of their friends.  So that’s how we’ll be tackling this one.

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