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Boiled rice–simple!

You know I overhear people at supermarkets saying that they don’t know how to “cook rice” – and hence they don’t buy it or try it. Hello – I’m not saying you have to like the thing.

I’d just read the instructions and follow what it says on the ‘tin’, but that’s too hard for many. No – I don’t eat a lot of boiled rice. Keep calm and meditate.


That’s my boiled rice. It’s straight out of the microwave, ready to eat. “Microwave!” you exclaim. “Yes!!” I exclaim in response.

Here’s how easy. This is what I do.

1. Grab a good handful of rice and throw it in a clean plastic microwaveable bowl. Add another handful.

2. Bring to a boil about 500 ml of water in a kettle.

3. Pour the water into the bowl with the rice to cover it by about 1 cm.

4. Don’t cover the bowl.

5. Gently put the bowl with the hot water in the microwave.

6. Set the microwave for 10 mins at 40% power and get it going (go read your microwave manual how to do that) .

I may give it a turn with a spoon at 5 min, or just let it finish in 10. 

If you thought this was a blog about teaching people how to boil rice – you missed the point – entirely! I’m not tellin’.

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