Agnetha Fältskog

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

You know her from (or as) ABBA. She’s back with a new album at Amazon. I’ve listened to the sample tracks, and I’m in doubt about getting her songs. I mean this is like my experience with Stevie Nicks trying to make a ‘comeback’. They just don’t ‘feel’ the same. I mean they sound very similar to themselves in the past but something is missing.

Stevie and Agnetha both had very troubled relationships – it’s as though the slight touch of sadness or even bitterness and ‘troubledness’ are missing from the emotiveness of their new songs. STOP!! I’m not interested in doing or hearing a full or partial or amateur attempted psychoanalysis of ABBA’s members’ life stories (or any other sort of psychoanalysis on anyone).  [Somebody’s gonna get a hurt – for doing something oblique on this – I can just feel it in my bones. I’m half expecting some silly email with LOL in it. Somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad!].

For the mo’ I’m sticking with Agnetha’s/Abba’s old songs.



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