Amy MacDonald

I’ll be hooked on Amy’s songs for the next few weeks, I can tell.  Amy’s been a star in Scotland, where the Cap is heading for a ‘trip’ in July. [I’m sure there is at least one idiot out there who’s thinking that my trip to Scotland has something to do with Amy. I mean can’t you say anything these days without people jumping to wild ideas in the backs of their heads. I give up!!! ]

Anyways – this is the story: I’m sitting in a Restaurant in Walsall yesterday, surfing the net and checking my emails when I hear this amazing voice singing. Yes – it’s come over the piped music in the background. So no – I wasn’t having an attack of psychosis. I catch only a few of the words. I feverishly plug them into Google and in seconds I’m onto Amy MacDonald on Youtube – the exact song that was coming over in the background music. How cool is that.  Before the song is finished, I’m addicted!!! LOL. Her voice reminds me so much of Shakira but she is no clone of Shakira – I mean her voice stands out on it’s own.

Amy’s biographies are here at Wikipedia and at her site Amy MacDonald. For more YouTube videos go here.  Amy is a Top Gear addict, which is exceptional considering that I don’t know a single woman who is so addicted.



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