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Racism at a fast food outlet

I entered a fast food outlet here in London – very big name. No you ain’t gonna find out which one – but it’s in the top league.  I’m on my own, and I certainly had been walking alone sight seeing in London for over an hour – so I would know if I’m alone! Blast!

As I enter the outlet, a waitress approaches and asks “table for one or two?”  So, I’m thinking, “what a strange question.. one or two?” – after all it’s just me! Ooops.. I should know better, people tell me what I’m thinking and doing and if I don’t agree with them, I’m arrogant and belligerent etc. So I’m told. In England you can’t disagree with anyone, you have to say something soft and sweet like, ‘I’m not convinced’ – instead of “Bollocks! You’re talking utter rubbish!”.. ooooh.. you don’t want to behave like that, else you could be arrested for causing an affray or breach of the peace or insulting behaviour, or something like that. Yes – I know you think I’m exaggerating.

Anyways, back to the story. I realise the waitress is looking behind me and to my left as well.

So I look around to see some African looking male, whom I’m sure  I’ve never seen before in my life! She asks “You’re not to together?”  

Me goes “no” – shocked as hell – “we’re same colour but not together” – and me holding back from causing a public order offence.  

Some would argue that she would equally have made the same enquiry of any two ‘white people’ who just happen to appear at the same time.  

I’ll boldy label such persons racist.  I’m not into explanations.

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