by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

HeatwaveWell, it’s an amazing time here in England at the moment; we’re having a heatwave!! That means that the temperature here is around 30 degrees C.

Yes – by Rock standards, that’s not too bad.

This week I’m in London having a great time. It’s wild out here!! I mean booze and food are being consumed in large quantities by the natives – who are taking advantage of the ‘mating season’. Tough.. I’m not explaining it, save to say that they have to get the ‘business’ done largely in the warmest periods of the year. I dunno why, it just is!

Yesterday it was even wilder down at the Southbank (on the River Thames). So what was I up to? Just watching the natives, and thinking to myself “This whole bledy economy would collapse without fags, booze, food and sex.” Some know me by now; I think the strangest things.

Oh but it was enjoyable – the River and surrounding architecture was fab. I mean modern London is so different. I came across two female Rock crawlers, identified by their accents and skin colour. No – get real – I don’t stop to talk to Rock-crawlers. These two were like hanging it out – as the natives do – very annoying.

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