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Oysters–a new experience

Probably two to three years ago I had finally gotten out of my zone of comfort about eating oysters. No – you don’t eat the shell. When I was in Brighton I recall, I had tried one or two.  They had a ‘different’ sort of metallic taste. I wasn’t put off by that. As time went on I would have tried more – only one or two at one serving – in Birmingham. It looked a bit risky trying to pry them open with a knife – so I hadn’t tried it for myself.

2013_08_18_6990_0516 Today though I did something different. I decided to buy some and get them open for myself. 

They were going at over 50% off at my local Tesco.

2013_08_18_6989_0515_with_note On first glance it isn’t obvious where to put the knife. But on closer inspection there is a ring – or a sort of lip that borders the bottom of the oyster.

So that’s where I realised the knife goes in.

It’s actually not risky once you hold the head of the oyster and put the knife in away from your hands.

It’s amazing to see the two sides open up.

2013_08_18_6984_0510 In there is a live animal. Well I’ve probably killed it now, because opening the two sides of the shell causes it that white fleshy part to rupture.

Anyways – bit o’ sauce in there and a good slurp – oooh.. it’s so nice.

My sauce:
1. Small amount of ground garlic
2. Encona pepper sauce – 0.5 ml.
3. Two tablespoons of water.
4. Generous juice from two fresh limes.
5. A dash of Worcester sauce.
Just stir – no heat required.

Then spoon the sauce into oyster and slurp!! LOL.

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