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Captain’s Brief No.1

I just had to get this off before thoughts on Brief No 1 cooled down to much.

Introduction to ‘Briefs’.

This is the start of a new series from the Cap. I’ve realised that sometimes I come to some new awareness and I don’t necessarily need to write a long blog post about it. So this series of ‘briefs’ will be shorter comments. There will be seeming generalisations –  whilst on occasions I may focus on a significant ‘minority’ – in making such generalisations. Spotting a truth is not always about spotting the big picture. A truth can be something that is true about a small fraction of the ‘whole’.

So – in these brief commentaries I will not make many parenthetical qualifications about what I say. I can expect the usual nonsensical rebuttals such as ‘it depends’ and ‘not everybody’  – especially from those in whose ‘garden’ a ‘truth’ falls into.

Brief No 1.

This morning it suddenly hit me that arse-lickers (howsoever you sub-classify or conceptualise them) have a better chance of being promoted into positions  of power and influence. This is probably because of two main things:

1. The need for speed of change in many organisational cultures.

2. Managerial cultures in the UK especially are unable to cope with people who demonstrate independence of thought – the latter being misconstrued quickly and ineptly as boat-rocking and  obstructing.

Arse-lickers on the other hand are quick to change their minds, do as they’re told, provide comfort for their line-managers, have little or no sense of individuality – and are never seen as boat-rockers or obstructionist. What more can organisations want?

Therefore the above scenario, whilst not covering every organisation or culture or group of people – explains why you often find ‘utter morons’ in high managerial places. It’s a sad state of affairs that those who wish to be seen and heard, express independent opinion, demonstrate critical thinking skills and hold people to account – if you thought of me, you’re on the right track – often find that they’re avoided. Few people understand the true value of discomfort. Oh – in England – there are two phrases that explain it all: “Anything for an easy life” – and “Life’s too short”.

That’s it! I said was gonna be short.

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