Morally bankrupt

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

Today the British people collectively decided that in the face of incontrovertible evidence, visible to their own eyes, of mass killings of people in Syria by chemical weapons (CW), that no intervention should be made. In a sense, I shouldn’t be surprised or shocked, because as I’ve said many times before, evidence does not guide human actions. (The word is ‘actions’ – read it again). Look away now: Syria’s Darkest Hour so you can reject this evidence.

This evidence in video left is no good either. We need scientific evidence – apparently!! Ban Ki-Moon needs scientific evidence from the UN itself – it would appear. And the UN has rejected claims by the US, UK and France that their evidence for use of CW is good enough.

What this recent vote in the Commons means by reasonable extrapolation is that if such attacks had taken place here in Britain upon our own population, by ‘whoever’ – that we would be equally patient and wait on the UN to find ‘scientific evidence’.  Well it has to mean that – because if we ‘prescribe’ this upon another suffering nation where there have been several such attacks, then we have to stand by the same ‘prescription’ for our own patch.

Has anyone noticed that the UN has been kept out of Syria in and around 21st August – and only with the threat of war has been allowed in to test for the ‘scientific evidence’. And the Russians seem to be the big boys – does anybody remember me saying that ignorance is a force.  You see the Russians can site it’s sources but show us no evidence the CW attack was a planned provocation by rebels.

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