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Hold everything…. I say hold everything!

I’ve been  watching the Battlestar Galactica series – and I decided to stop now to write this!

I assure you – meaning the statistical ‘you’ out there – that it’s not what you think or read what it is about.  It’s just hit me. I’ve seen the most part of this series before, but seeing it again  with a ‘different eye’ is a new awakening. Calm down about Sci-Fi – this is absolutely not about Sci-fi although it is on a Sci-fi stage.

Here I go – when I should be encouraging you to watch the series – I’m about to insult you i.e. you who has taken the time to read this. Well if you’re stupid enough to be deterred by my insults you’re not worthy of watching the series – what the hell do I care. Bugger off now!

Don’t click this link – which means click it or whatever – Battlestar Galactica Series 2004. Don’t look at the video overview – and don’t think about it.

The most important messages for humanity are not seen nor heard, because we as a race are obsessed with glamour and glitz. Now bugger off! You heard me.

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