If a rock thinks?

If a rock thinks about itself or the universe – that would be something.

But if a living human being thinks about itself or the universe – that’s nothing.

Each is matter.

One organised to increase the entropy of the universe, and to be self-aware – the other incapable of ‘will’ or ‘doing’ anything.

Yet both are the same, except for ‘organisation’ and ‘structure’ and inheritance.

What a privilege and honour it has been to be matter organised to produce sentience.

And ‘why’ being such a puny and irrelevant question in the grand scheme of the universe.

I am nothing and something at the same time.

My destiny determined at the outset – to return to being a rock.

Yet – I am not determined – for I am free, even to write this which means nothing to the ‘rocks’.

It’s cold in space.

I can only thank all that has allowed me to be more than a rock – for a while.

But then I will return to the ‘universe’ to be one with it’s chaos and its rocks.

Thanks – meaningless as it is – to the universe.

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