Reclaim disk space after Windows 8 upgrade

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

The following assumes that you have a sufficiently powerful computer that has been upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

What I’ve discovered is that W8 being so cool, leaves behind much of the W7 installation’s old files. This is a precautionary measure – which should not be relied on 100%. Upgrading from W7 to W8 is a separate process that is usually safe once instructions are carried out to the letter. Those planning such an upgrade should study many YouTube vids on the process.

Disk Cleanup of ‘system files’ is the thing to do when one is quite certain where old files are and that you don’t need them.  On my computer I did a first upgrade to from W7 to W8 many moons ago. Then 2 weeks ago did a refresh on W8.  That’s a separate process  – that is not really an upgrade, as it is refreshing an existing W8 installation. I did that because I was getting blue screens with increasing frequency – sometimes daily. The refresh worked brilliantly. Not a single blue screen in 2 weeks – no I’m not touching bledy wood! Why do I have to? I decide what I do –and touching wood does nothing. How the devil could touching wood influence anything? Chrysst!

So – I had old files from when W7 went to W8 and then old files when W8 refreshed itself! See how to do Disk Cleanup here. Noobs are strongly warned not to mess with this. The link given here is not a recommendation of any kind. If you use tips from there and wreck your computer, sue yourself!

Well, I know what I’m doing and I can follow instructions to the letter – so I did it and reclaimed 17GB of disk space! So ama jumpin for joy!

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