Truth in sick humour

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

Well as I’ve said so many times, the truth knows no restraint and respects no confines. George Carlin – is famous for sick humour. The clip below is one of his finest. It’s not intended for Brits, who from my experience find difficulty seeing below sick American humour – and who are easily offended by strong language – unless uttered by Billy Connolly or Frankie Doyle.  Oooo…oooohh…ooooo!!

I have to say that I didn’t just sit there and watch this all at once. The good thing about YouTube is that you can skip through or come back to it later. This clip may not survive. So you may wish to download it via

I think – as you would expect – that insults, very raw and sick humour can bring insight and self-awareness to people about themselves, their culture and their biases.  Some who find it revolting actually have a bigger problem coping with themselves than the strong language. But of course everybody is entitled to say, “Well, no – actually it’s simply revolting, calm down your psychoanalysis!” You see – I just know what people will say before they even say it. LOL.

I’ll be updating this post with key reference point links below, so that I can refer back to them later on.

  1. Extremely stupid people:
  2. Low IQ population, stupid people shopping and diet:
  3. Extremely ‘large’ people: 
  4. They don’t want critical thinkers!!
  5. Jump for Jesus he says!!!
  6. Death by jerk off!!! PMSL!!!
  7. Waste of ….!!!
  8. No matter how small the original problem is, it’ll grow into bigger and bigger proportions:

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