Commenting issue

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

The site has developed a bug, where comments to one post end up against another entirely different post.

Yes – the usual is to assert that “There’s a virus!” Then to start squarking and flapping around shouting VIRUS, VIRUS!! Or HACKER!! HACKER!! etc.  No such thing is reality – but I know people, they just love to ‘diagnose’. Oh and if they don’t diagnose, break out in panic attacks – cuz yuh know, “..we just can’t wait for it to be diagnosed, whilst the whole human race is put at risk! I kid you not, this is the sort of reaction people have – when they face the unknown.

The unknown presents a ‘threat’ – and when there is threat or even perceived threat or inferred threat – what do the humans do? Simple – driven by System 1 – they flap around madly, as they used to when they were in the caves, to prepare to defend the ‘self’ against ‘attack’.

Oh dear, we’re still very much cave-people  – by the remnants of our evolutionary psychology and biology, still stuck in us; operating at a levels below conscious awareness.

System 2 – a thing of non-Neanderthals – would normally if allowed, objectively assess the risk, without the flapping around. If the situation can be frozen whilst assessment is being made, it would be made to happen. Then troubleshooting begins.

Ahh.. ..but am I sure it’s not a virus? I heard you think it. Are you sure that thing you’re inhaling is air? Yes – you’re pretty certain it is but can you be 100% certain? It might look like air but is it? Point being, one can never be 100% certain about an external reality. Internally we can be 100% certain of our thoughts, but that doesn’t mean that thoughts are ‘the’ reality.  There lies the nature of madness and delusion.

So – no, I can’t be 100% certain it isn’t a virus – but based on my knowledge of issues with WordPress, I can see that it’s a coding issue as others have suffered similar temporary hiccups.

What’s the plan? Commenting will be switched off for a while. It may go on and off after that in attempts to test what’s happening. I strongly advise all not to post until I say it’s ok to do so, by way of a further notice.  Disobedience of this strong advice will mean serious consequences.  Make my day – rebellion is another norm of the humans. Tell them go left, they’ll go right, just for the hell of it.

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