by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

Why should this TED video annoy me?

I have no problem with the content of what is said per se. So what could be the problem?

It’s this syndrome that the humans are developing where:

1. Some big-fish researcher with fancy machines investigates some fascinating thing – and comes up with some answers.

2. Then everybody goes “Ooooouuuu!!  Oooouuuu!”.. as if it’s like the greatest thing.

3. Then those who see or hear this stuff go around spreading the word.

Contrast this with if you’re nobody – i.e. me – with no technology, not a professor of anything, is not likeable and barely tolerable, jumps up and says pretty much the same thing (with no reference to some big wig). “Ooouuu.. you can’t do that! Who are you? You’re having a laugh!” – is the response I’d expect.

And when I say, like in relation to captioned video – we know much of all that without the brain scanners – you get these looks as if, “Who do you think you are? – God?

Much of the mind is discoverable without the fancy machinery. Scientists of various kinds like to find the substance of the brain. “Ahhhh.. if they find it in there.. well that makes all the difference” – hey I know what people think.

Groan! The human race is so slooowwww…..and stupid. Ah.. you see now you can’t say that sort of thing without being told that “You think you’re better than everybody.. how arrogant.. who do you think you are?!!

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