Life Reminders

by Captain Walker

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A suitable smartphone to run this is required.

Life Reminders is a neat little application that does the job of reminding you about stuff that’s coming at you, or has to be done.

Life Reminders - screenshotHere’s a list of examples:

1. You can also set it up to send SMS messages for a future date. 

2. Remind you to pay a bill.

3. Remind to call someone at a certain time. It’ll even bring up the number for you then you just press ‘call’. It’ll even find the person from your phone’s contacts list – or you can enter it manually.

4. It’ll set up an email for you (dictated with speech recognition of you wish) and send it at a time in the future, which you decide.

You can easily with a single click silent a reminder and reschedule for a further reminder in the future.

It’s an important app because it is difficult to remember all that’s happening when. I use it to remind me whether it’s my blue or green bins on a Tuesday night. Life Reminders - screenshot

For other more important things, I may use it to remind me about a due date for a subscription renewal, or MOT for the car.

Some times you may not remember if you did a particular task – say it was two weeks ago. You could easily check if you’ve done it because Life Reminders stores all that you’ve done (Normally it shows only active reminders, but keeps things you’ve done in its log).

Life Reminders - screenshot

Errh.. just remember, it doesn’t read your mind! Smile

Oh the other problem is, once you start using this, your only excuse for missing a deadline is making up some cooked up story that your phone’s battery went dead. It’s a popular one which most people accept, especially if you’re using an iPhone. Or you could try the faked honesty approach and go “Goddamit! I’m so stupid – I just forgot to enter it in my Life Reminders!” I don’t think they do a ‘brain’ app on Google as yet. It’ll be a good one though – eh? LOL.

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