How I know I can predict the future

Some, in search of a laugh will giggle and know that it’s me who has caused my car to break the window. Well, continue laughing because the fact is that I did not do this.

This was taken outside of a certain Hotel. On 14th October, when I parked there – I went to the hotel management and told them, “Somebody (their car) will bang into your window and cause it to break”. I shot that exact photo on 14th October, with my phone and then showed it to them. They go, “fair point.. we’ll report it to management”. I return on 30th October to find the window broken – nothing to do with me except that I predicted this would happen.


I go to management and say, “You know your window outside is broken – right?”. Shock horror – on face of one receptionist. Then some other chap pops out and goes, “Thanks, we know about it. Some chap in a red van bumped into it earlier.”

Ooooh.. full marks for knowing about it. Well, they’re not to blame – they are just the meat robots, who must report things and wait for management to move at their own speed. I’m not interested in if they have insurance – thank you very much, you’re soooooo clever.20131030_163156_pix

Sure – you don’t need to be a super-genius to predict that this pane of glass would have been broken by a car bumping into it.  How long had this hotel in this configuration been in existence? Over a year. But I come along and make this amazing prediction.

Just two days ago, I’m at an educational session, where one of the attendees decides to rock back on two legs of his chair. This is an adult of about age 29. The probability of him falling backwards and breaking his spine or neck increased sharply as he did this. Yes – it was a male. Males like to do this sort of thing, with legs wide open. I’ve never seen a female in trousers or mini-skirts do this sort of thing. Oh well, I’m not so blessed. Anyways, I politely say to the chap, “I’m worried about you falling over and breaking your neck.” He stops doing his thing but gives me the ‘look’ – which is to say, “Who the hell do you think you are – God?” Well, I’ve actually been feeling more God-like recently – cuz I do see the future more clearly.

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