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Idiocy 2.0–action time.

Well, I don’t know what to call this post. I mean it could be ‘Idiocy 29.0’ – I don’t care!

This is about a phenomenon among the humans where if you say to them on such and such a date “Don’t do [this] ever”, the human then agrees.

But then something happens with the passage of time. The humans call it fading of memory for whatever it was they weren’t supposed to do. Or some of them do what they weren’t supposed to do thinking or feeling or driven by attitude with the following sorts of self-talk:

  1. Awwww.. it’s good for a laugh”.
  2. “It’s done with good intention.”
  3. “He’s long forgotten about it”.
  4. “That was then surely what he said couldn’t endure that long.. lemme try it”.
  5. “Things have changed.”
  6. “I can argue my way out of it”.
  7. “There is no law against it!”
  8. “We’ve long since parted, so he couldn’t be serious about this still”.

I’m not of course talking about leaving a dirty dish on a counter for hours. It could be about things similar to sharing my email address or other private conversations with others. It could be about not wasting my time.

There are some people around who are so scatter-brained, they remain entirely clueless – and only if reminded, they go: “Oh I don’t recall that”, or “I have a vague memory of it – sorry, I should have known better”.

There was one such person I remember in particular – I was actually fond of him – he lived in Canada. Never met him in person but we chatted on Skype many a time. He group-emailed a bunch of people with my email address in the ‘to’ field. I went hopping mad. He then admitted that he “screwed up”. I terminated all contact and blocked him out 200%. I’m only using the email thing as one example of this phenomenon.

There are several others – some in work related domains  e.g. “..don’t speak to disturbed individual through a door held quarter of the way open with your head in the space.. you may get your head bashed in!” But they don’t listen and obey.. they do what everybody else does. Oooh.. the humans – they so think they are driven by logic and reason and things cerebral. It would be funny if it wasn’t so painful.

And that brings me to pain. Yes – pain and idiocy go together. Why? Because idiots have a lifelong need to feel pain in order to become awake to an issue, or to learn something new – or even to jog their memories. I mean pain of any sort is absolutely a requirement for ‘idiot-learning’ or ‘idiot-awakening’.

I had decided to free myself of those who are afflicted by idiocy, some time ago. Well, as 2013 draws to an end I’m thinking about what I’m gonna be doing next year. I’m stepping up my game. “What does that mean?” – I heard you think it. It means that The Captain’s First Law will be used with greater force. What’s the Captain’s First Law? If you don’t know, and you happen to think you know of me – or this alter ego called “Captain Walker” – you’re in deep trouble for even thinking the question.

Here’s a clue – I don’t have to wait for next year to arrive. Idiots will be feeling the force all now – and those who think they are ‘clever’ or will resist, have another thing coming. This could become very serious – I plan very carefully for contingencies and worst case scenarios. Don’t just watch this space – cuz it’s coming to you! I deal with some of the cleverest psychopaths in this land – and I know how to play their mind-games. Just remember, I play to win – and I don’t care about rules. Not to worry though, it’ll all be perfectly legal – you bet. Don’t think too far or deep though. All this could be right under your feet. Oh – you think I was writing this about you?! If the thought did cross your mind – you’re right to be worried or is that ‘concerned’. Brits are not allowed to be worried – it’s all ‘concerned’, they are. It’s hotting up.

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