Great playlist fixer

This is only for those who know about music files and playlists. 

I’ve regularly had the problem when I moved my music from computer to computer, or disc to disc, that my playlists would not work. I mean I have like lots of playlists – so I really didn’t want to make them all over again.

I got onto Google and after a 10 min search – I came across ListFix!!  Yes it took that long to find, because there isn’t a lot of applications out there that will do the job easily or cheaply.

ListFix is free of charge – as far as I can see.

I just installed, started up, and directed it to my music folder and the folder where my playlists were stored. I then selected all playlists and hit a button to fix um! In 5 seconds all lists were fixed!!!

I was so appreciative I made a $5 USD donation to the creator of the software by PayPal.


p>This will fix all sorts of playlists on iTunes and other applications. The good thing that it is free to use.

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