Just like Nanice

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

We are afraid…

Afraid to live in a chaotic world
But who are we and what are we afraid of?

Is it our Gods? Our mortality? Other people?
Or are we afraid of our success and ourselves?

Today you have a chance, as you did yesterday
To release yourself from your inner fears.
There is nothing to fear, once you become at peace with yourself

And to do that you must become at one with yourself
For too long you have distanced yourself from yourself,
Chasing shadows, other people’s dreams, and values.

Ask yourself, “Who is the real me?”
And when you look into that mirror, and really look at yourself
See not the physical form of who you are, but what you have become

You may feel scared.

You may wonder if this is what you really ought to be.
But today is about flinging aside fear
Because you have carried fear for too long.

Rise up from your former self
Say hello to a new you as you approach the New Year.
Your resolution is not about the New Year, but about finding ‘You’
Reconnecting ‘you’ with the true ‘you’, and in doing so, shaking off fear
Of being something that you are not.


And I’m sure a load of people found ‘truth’ and value in that utter nonsense, I drummed up in 5-min. It is pure vague, psychobabble and actually utter bullshit! It really pains me in many ways to think that I can do this so ‘well’.  But having followed much of what Nanice writes, and her style, I reckon anybody could do this.

Yeah.. yeah.. I know, it’ll be rubbished and I’ll be told “You are no Nanice – get real!”.  But I know different – did I say I wanted to be ‘a Nanice’? Chrysst! Whilst I am not Nanice, I assert that you could write any quasi-introspective bullshit and people will find great meaning and value in it. Am I here to rubbish Nanice? Am I here to stop you connecting with Nanice? Nothing could be less true. I intend to connect fools with fools!

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