Saying nice things–by Scrooge!

by Captain Walker

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It’s that time of year when I’ve been receiving the odd season’s greetings – and have been forced to send one or two to various folk. Yes – you got that. People and people on behalf of organisations are emailing me over the last two weeks to say “Seasons Greetings”, “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Xmas” etc. I’m meant to say similar in return – else my name is Scrooge! Well – this year some of my autoresponders and mail filters are on for select people and organisations, so thankfully by my own hand I never see any of these greetings sent.

Some I have to receive and send ‘happy returns’ etc. “Yes – you make that sound like a chore – is it?” – I heard you think it. It bledy well is a chore, because I don’t actually hold these people or organisations in good regard, so I’m forced by a driving hypocrisy originating in a socio-economic system – underpinned by a biological system  – to do something that is contradictory to my nature. Do you like smiling when there is nothing to smile about? It’s that sort of feeling.

First of all, I wonder what sending me these greetings is gonna do? Well, the person sending the greetings might think to themselves any of a number of things (even if not as well formed in words as below):

  1. He’ll feel remembered and valued.
  2. I really hope he has a Merry Xmas (or holidays or whatever); he’s such a Scrooge.
  3. I feel sorry for the chap, he doesn’t know what he’s missing.
  4. It’ll keep relations good – so what’s a few kind words.
  5. It’s that time of year – he’s nothing special but we need to make everybody feel special at this time.

I couldn’t care a monkeys! The point is that saying nice things to me at Xmas does me no good. Why? Chrysstttttt!!!! Because it’s a genuine loadah hypocrisy!! Really – and most of the people sending these greetings have not said a kind word or done a kind deed in the last year – now all of a sudden they’re all so thinking of me? Bollocks! In any event I don’t respect people for their money, position, degree of kindness or friendliness shown to me etc. “SO WHAT IS IT THEN?” – you scream, even if in your head! If you need to ask or scream – it’s enough to know that you’ve missed the point.

Right – now a proportion of persons reading this are psychoanalysing me and going, “Oooh.. he had a difficult childhood.. “ or “He’s so angry.. he’s carrying so much emotional baggage”, or “He just needs to be loved….” or similar psychobabbling crap! Is Nanice your friend? Hey – I know what people will think before they think it.

The most important part of Xmas for me is to be oneself – and by that I mean one’s true self; not the self grafted onto you by a sick socioeconomic system that most of us have been groomed and programmed into over they years. And when I sniff any remnant of that sort of thing in anybody especially at this time of the year, I’ll just switch off. Don’t be fooled by my apparent warm exterior. I’ll really be switched off inside. Yeah sure – I know how to play the social game – to appear pleasant on the outside. It is a stupid game but the herd likes to play it – and I’m not fully independent of the herd as yet. 


p>Off you pop – to raise your glasses or whatever – singing Xmas Carols and smiling happily and wishing everybody Merry Xmas (from the bottoms of your hearts etc).  You know you are right – and that I am wrong.

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