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Who are the real hypocrites?

Yes – I always ask the difficult question. Or is this actually an easy one?  I don’t know actually why my mind runs on this.

On occasion people ask me “How is it?” or “How is everything?” and questions of that nature. In the back of my mind, I really have to wonder, “Do they really care?”.  Right – I’m bound to be struck down by somebody, who will tell me, “Oh just calm down you don’t have to over-analyse everything!”

Bollicks! Some people enjoy living life on a superficial plain and some don’t. Don’t bledy ask me nonsense like that if you don’t want to know. You know that they don’t want to know when their eyes take on that fixed blank stare – as if to say they’re listening and actually they’re thinking “Oh shut up.. why did I ask?” No – I didn’t say most people are like that. I’m saying that a proportion of people are like that.

I don’t know why I’m here? I mean why have I been put amongst all these bledy mind games. Having said that anybody who knows my identity will now feel that they better be careful what nonsense they ask me! Yep – they got that right. I absolutely hate schmoozers – and worse yet I detest schmoozers who try to hide that they’re schmoozers. Look, I don’t have anything to offer anybody – so cut the bledy schmoozing! Chyrsst!!

I really don’t know – what’s it about? I mean all this politeness about people. Why can’t people just be themselves. If your not interested in my being, don’t bledy ask. I think that’s simple, straight and honest. Here we go – somebody is now trying to psychoanalyse me to figure what this apparent ‘rant’ is about – whether I’ve been recently rubbed the wrong way etc.

Hang on – do I need to react to provocation? Can’t I just speak my mind when I feel like it?


p>Scotty – now would be a good time to beam me up!!

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