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Not what it appears to be

I’m quite amused and have been for sometime about how people make important or even unimportant decisions based on appearances – it’s as if facts are irrelevant.

Hmm…..WTF am I talking about? Some may be thinking.

Here’s the thing: people like to feel that they are rational and intelligent, but in the end most people are not! Ooooo.. if you say that, it makes you arrogant instantly – or should I say, “I  appear arrogant and then that’s transformed into fact”.

All is not what it seems – is that okay? Or has anybody got a problem with that.

I am often privileged to look deeply into people’s lives. I can tell you that most people are living a lie. Yeah – I know – save it – I’m being arrogant again – innit? Well – allow me my say on my own blog, puhleese.

Deviating madly – or is that arrogantly – the exponential growth in appeal for reality TV documentaries and documentaries is just about that. What? About people peering into the lies that others live. You see if a proportion of people live lies, then clearly they wanna see what other lies others live. You get the source of attraction now – I hope?

Well, people make decisions about me and other things. How they come to their facts is clearly their business and not mine. I’m told I need to mind my business. So there!

I’m only here as a spectator upon the human race. It’s been a hilarious time. Yuh know – it’s like watching a movie – where you know that things are not for serious. It’s like one of those crime movies where there is a comedy twist to it.

Take Facebook. What’s on FB – not that I am (having left over 18 months ago). It’s the grand spectacle: everybody is having a fun time.. all smiles.. thumbs up.. friends and family all hugging and laughing – that’s the dream.. and Facebook has actually made a single man a billionaire. Why? Because he’s done a clever thing. Basically he’s tapped into the need for people to live in individual and social worlds built on dreams – and sold them what they want/need. As I’ve said in other places, if you wanna be popular, rich and successful – don’t be stupid like me – sell people fantasies and hopes they will enjoy.

So what’s next? Nothing. Life rolls on. It’s a song.. something like a nursery rhyme below.



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