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Location sharing on Google Maps (Android version)

Google has many options in its maps.

Most people never find these options because they’re scared of trying out new options or because they don’t have time to find ways of using features, or in common British parlance, they “..haven’t been told how to do it”.  Some know of my longstanding gripe about “being told”. People even tell me to enjoy my breakfast – Chrysst!!!  I mean it’s like if you don’t tell people what to do or how to do anything they can’t do anything. This is the culture of inertia that shackles modern Britain (and people in other parts of the world) – it’s partly a side effect of sweeping nannyism! Oh but amazingly when you tell people – and they are told not to smoke or eat excessively – it doesn’t seem to work. So there we are. You can’t win. Whether you tell um or you don’t tell um.. nothing changes.

Right – after distracting myself and you – have a look at the screenshots below. Tough – if you don’t have a proper Android based phone. I know.. you’re just a poor sodding jobsworth.. who can only afford pints of lager or whatever.


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