Evil things!

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

Bitcoin is now causing massive panic attacks all around the globe. People are pointing fingers and blaming Bitcoin!! bitcoin1

You can hear the cry now “Bitcoin is a scam! Stay away from Bitcoin!” etc. Yet another Bitcoin exchange – namely Mt Gox,  implodes. Is that because of something especially devious about Bitcoin? Does Bitcoin have some inherently evil powers to infect people’s minds? Or maybe the inventors of Bitcoin are all doing Voodoo on people at a distance!!

Of course there is a simpler explanation. And it has everything to do with toilet bowls. Yes – you read that right. Toilet bowls – have no inherent power to be stink! It is the people who make their deposits in them who carry the stinkness.

Some still don’t get it – lacking ability to think in the abstract.

I’m not here to defend Bitcoin or any other electronic vehicle for exchange of value. I’m not here to support money laundering either – which is actually associated with real money, in case some don’t know.

If Bitcoin is a vehicle of evil then so must guns, drugs, alcohol, automobiles and other objects that are not alive and self-animated. All these things must by the same logic applicable to Bitcoin, be responsible for far more human suffering. Or is that right? Do guns fire themselves? Do drugs inject themselves into people? Do automobiles drive themselves recklessly and cause death and mayhem? Do cigarettes smoke themselves and kill people?

Well not in my neck o’ the woods. But I’m sure it must be happening in somebody’s patch. For those wishing to confirm their own opinions go here and find out about the stupidity and evil of Bitcoin!

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