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I’m of course expected to be accused of being better than thou and being arrogant in writing this post. As per usual, if one (i.e. me) makes critical observations of others, this is bound to be construed as implying I’m better than others, and therefore I’m arrogant – I know the spiel – seen it so many times before. Well – sod it! I’ll say my piece anyway – whether I’m better than thou, worse than thou, or exceedingly arrogant!!

The fact of the matter – irrespective of me as a supposed member of the human race – is that ‘the humans’ have an inherent capacity for self-deception. That’s my observation – and it’s not just my own observation, it is that of many a researcher in psychology and sociology. But I require no power of authority in numbers to make my assertion. I need no following. I’ve seen this capacity in others – and ok, in myself at times.

At least I’m aware of my own weaknesses, being part of this race. But what of those who are unaware of the extent of this capacity for self-deception or who are simply blind to it?

Amazingly what I’ve noticed is that the strategy for self-deception works as follows:

  1. Admit ones weaknesses to various forces.
  2. The latter acts as acceptance, thus avoiding any further questions or debate. It’s rather difficult to criticise or insult someone who actually agrees with their weaknesses. No – I’m not providing a list of reasons, as to why.
  3. Persisting in the act of self-deception even whilst acknowleding the possibility – this enables the self-deceptive outcome. What would be the point of self-deception if it did not avoid scrutiny of self and others?
  4. Thinking that all the above admitted to another may actually lead the other to think that there is no self-deception.

Sure – some of the above appears inconsistent and inherently contradictory – but that is not the result of my logic being twisted. It is the result of a twisted logic that I describe.

Why does the self need a strategy to deceive itself? That’s too simple a question, really! The self – the true self – struggles to cope with reality – a painful thing. A false self – is unconsciously created as a shield to act as an agent of the true self. The true self is therefore masqueraded in a false self, which is still part of the whole self. However, the persona of the false self, is destined to achieve its purpose. The false-self then lives a lie – in a false reality that it creates, by actions orchestrated by the true self.


p>The false self is an impostor with a purpose and it achieves. It even believes that others will believe its web of deceptiveness, simply because it has confidence in its achievements, in serving the purpose for which it is created.

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