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Amused again

I tell you, my interactions with the humans are so amusing. It’s part of the reason I stay among them. It’s like watching ants in or around their nests doing various things – interesting and amusing what they get up to – pulling and tugging at small pieces of food (for example) but then going in a particular direction. If only they could ‘decide’ in a more logical fashion what they wanna do.

But what’s more amusing than the ants is the human capacity to avoid self-awareness, to blind itself to its interactions, and to self-deceive. I mean I’ve written about much of this before, so no dissertations today.

More recently I had such a laugh when all elements of Idiocy 2.0 – Action Time were fulfilled. Patterns of the humans’ behaviour are so predictable. They even go to the extent of proving that they are predictable with some degree of bravado. So like telling a wayward teenager “Don’t cross the road with your eyes closed!” becomes an invitation for a rebellious act which predicts that they will do the exact opposite. In so doing predicting that wayward teenagers do in fact cross the road with their eyes closed.

I mean if I was God, where would I find time to run the universe? I’d be in laughing and in stitches most of the time!

Oh– yaaawwwwnnhhhh – the the impulse to apologise, on assumption turned into  fact, that I’m offended. The humans think I take action based on personal offence – their puny minds incapable of seeing issues of greater importance, than their silly emotional states.  Ooops! I’m being arrogant again – yep – a predicted response.

Oh well – let me get on with more important stuff, before I fall asleep. Scotty – beam me up now, please.

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