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Fifteen observations on stupid statements and stupid people.

Having reflected on another of Kevin’s brilliant editorials I wish to add my own observations:

  1. Stupid statements are generated more often than not by stupid people.
  2. Seemingly intelligent people are also capable of generating stupid statements.
  3. Rocks, bricks, sticks, stones and lower forms of animal life cannot be expected to generate stupid statements.
  4. Stupid statements are therefore necessarily human-generated.
  5. Stupid statements can be expected to exceed the number of stupid people in existence.
  6. Stupid statements tend to accumulate over time even after stupid people have departed to another world. 
  7. The number of stupid statements generated by stupid people depends primarily but not exclusively on their stupidity quotient and the stupidity of their audience.
  8. Stupidity quotient can be a function of both high and low IQ, and political status. 
  9. Stupidity can be multifactorial.
  10. Stupid people tend not to know they are stupid, or how stupid they are.
  11. Little self-restraint can therefore be expected to come from stupid-people generating stupid statements.
  12. Stupid people tend to be oversensitive, impulsive and over-reactive and to call those who are wise ‘arrogant’ (and other defamatory adjectives/or adjectival phases).
  13. Stupid people tend to use the same stupid logic they use, to argue away their stupidity and in so doing tend to generate even more stupid statements.
  14. Stupidity seriously endangers the survival of the human race.
  15. Stupidity of dead people also endangers the survival of the human race.
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