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Still stalked by idiots!!

The sequence below is so basic. There was an error on their site which led to their offer of 50% discount not being applied properly. I begged them to take a careful look at it and had even provided them with screenshots. This is to their sales department. In essence they could not see the error.

So what they do next? Trot out any old nonsense to fob me off.

My email to them:

My order ID was


I’ve been offered a 50% discount on upgrade. But when I attempt to purchase I do not get the discount.

PLEASE.. PLEASE LOOK carefully at the screenshots attached.

Will you be honouring your offer? A yes or no would be sufficient, with a link that gives the 50% discount on $49.95 for lifetime license.

Their response hours later:

Sorry for the issue. This is usually because tax added into the final price. If you have tax exemption code, you can enter it to remove the additional cost.
Or you can directly pay $29.9 to our paypal account and let us know your paypal account and name. We will send you the license directly after we get the money. This will be the most efficient way to finish the order.

My response next day:

The response is illogical and inconsistent for the following reasons.

  1. 50% of $49.95 is not $29.95!!  [ the life time upgrade on PMP 10.0 ] See new attached file. 
  2. 50% of $49.95 is actually £24.95!!! [ the life time upgrade on PMP 10.0 ]
  3. Note by contrast that your advertisement for single license was  actually has calculated correctly because 50% of $39.95 is $19.95
  4. At the checkout screen [which I provided screenshots] – please note that 50% of 39.19 GBP  is not 23.50 GBP (and both prices were listed as inclusive of VAT). 50% of 39.19GBP is 19.60GBP. 
  5. The 50% discount is indicated by the 39.19 being scored out in red like this: 39.19 GBP 23.50 GBP [prices listed as including VAT]

I have no issue with the application of VAT. Please note this carefully and leave it aside. It is totally irrelevant.

I had asked you to look carefully at the prices advertised – and therefore I expected you to pay attention closely to the matter.

You are a representative of the business. I am not happy that I have had to spend my time showing you that which is glaringly obvious.

The lack of attention to basic mathematics may well be affecting your business. I think proper sales and customer service standards all over the world would expect that a discount is a proper discount and one that is transparent and accurate. A discount that is not what it says may attract allegations of cheating.

As I have had to spend my time pointing out and correcting your obvious error, which you failed to do at first notice, I would suggest you say sorry by giving me a free complimentary upgrade to Pro Free LifeTime Upgrade 10.0.0 . Else sorry for wasting my time means nothing, and is very cheap. I’m not paid to find your errors quite clearly, but I’ve brought benefit to your business by correcting this.

If no tangible sorry as above, I will be raising a formal complaint – and may take further action to bring just satisfaction for the waste of my time.

What’s the score?

Nothing yet – but get this – two credit card companies have recently compensated me £20 each for mess-ups. It pays to complain – in general. I’m half-expecting the software company above to refuse to make that ‘tangible sorry’. I dunno if they’re a British company but if they are I have little chance of getting anything tangible.

As I’ve said in different ways before, stupidity is the name of a virus that will cause the human species to be exterminated.

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