Month: May 2014


The McAfee plague!!

For those who don’t know and are not friends with Google, McAfee is company that makes antivirus and firewall related software. As with most things you’ll always find a following of people who will shout how wonderful things are about ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’.  And if you say anything negativeRead More

How you pay

I just got back from having my car’s MOT sorted. For those who don’t know what that means, Google is your friend (not me).  Right , so I look at the MOT certificate and find Reminder? What sort? Who’s providing and collecting money for this reminder? I’ll help you outRead More

And who are you?

Minor and strange encounters with the humans often fascinate me. I’m amused or even bewildered by their thinking and responses. Today another minor encounter, put me to think. I’m walking along on a pavement, on the side of a street (just to be clear), in my home town. A manRead More

Paint thinners

Right – why the devil would I want to write on or refer to ‘paint thinners’, on a sunny Sunday morning in my patch of the UK?!! Have I not anything better to do? Of course not! I decide as usual what’s better or best for me to do withRead More

Gadwin solutions

Gadwin is a little known software developer that I’ve stayed with for the last 10 years or so. I’ve found there products to be quite user friendly, simple and easy to use. At left is a screenshot of their website taken with Gadwin Printscren Pro 5 (the latest version thatRead More

How to get people to avoid me.

Over the years and especially more recently I’ve come to understand a sure way to get people to avoid you (i.e. me). Well – you might think that’s dead easy. After all, all you gotta do is be nasty, insult people, appear arrogant, develop offensive body odour (especially halitosis), orRead More

The PerfectDisk Trick

Well, it’s no trick really. Defragging you computers hard drive (aka disk) is as important as sleep is to you. In fact dreaming is analogous to defragging the brain! (that’s why weird stuff seems to pass off as dreams). No one really needs to understand what defragging, is in orderRead More

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