How to get people to avoid me.

by Captain Walker

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Over the years and especially more recently I’ve come to understand a sure way to get people to avoid you (i.e. me). Well – you might think that’s dead easy. After all, all you gotta do is be nasty, insult people, appear arrogant, develop offensive body odour (especially halitosis), or as a last resort greet them with some aggression or violence. Well I’m certainly not into BO and A&V. I don’t do halitosis and although I’ve been told that I can be nasty or insulting, the latter two haven’t ‘worked’ well; not that I aim to be nasty or insulting. And my apparent arrogance (seen as actual by some) has had much success already. But there’s more!

My sure fire ways of getting people to avoid me are as follows. This is the stuff that really works:

  1. Show them a good deal. It could be anything e.g. a mobile phone, computer, piece of land, software, food – it doesn’t matter.
  2. Next is showing them a way of improving their earning capacity.

I’ll focus on helping people to improve their earnings. People are kind – or so they want to appear. So, I am never told exactly why the above should cause them to avoid me with greater or new found energy. I’m left to theorise or imagine what they could be thinking (or thought):

  1. Great for you who have money to throw away, so you can invest?” – which is rubbish because I never ask anyone to put their money into any investment. All I do/have done is shown options.
  2. You’re not even rich for all your investment knowledge, so why are you showing me – go away and get rich and return?” – I see, people only wanna see or hear me if I’m rich.
  3. He’s really trying to sell me something. Perhaps he secretly has shares in whateverrrr! I’m not stupid.
  4. I think he’s trying it on to squeeze some money out of me.. I can’t be sure but I shouldn’t upset him by telling him where to get off! After all people don’t just come around trying to make others better off unless there’s something in it for them!! I wasn’t born this morning!!
  5. I really don’t have the time….he’s got all the time in the world” – oh really, I didn’t/wouldn’t know.
  6. I’ll wait to see if he get’s rich first but I’m not parting with my money!!” – as if I instructed anyone to invest their money in some particular way.
  7. I’m glad for you if/when you make it big but I’m not ready now to get rich – after all money isn’t everything. Call me when you’ve stuck gold.” – Nope, I shan’t be doing the latter.

Well, I could go on but I’ll stop there.

A few years ago, I came across some deal that I had reason to think was really good. It was a scam and I lost much money. I had encouraged so-called friends to look at it. I got the cold shoulder. An interesting response was, “I don’t have much money to invest now, but I’ll gladly give you £200 and if you invest it and make a profit, then I’ll take a cut.. whatever you feel is best.” No – I wasn’t asking for anybody’s money, so the offer was ridiculous and a ‘courteous’ sort of ‘get lost’ message, “See I’ll even pay you to get lost” – is the message. Of course with the scam deal mentioned earlier, I would have felt badly if people had invested and lost. However, investment decisions are not being driven by me. Evaluation is a separate matter and it is for each person to do that properly (regardless of my excitement about some deal). Huh – I thought people were adults. I’m probably wrong.

There will be an oblique message that lets all naysayers know what’s happened. It’ll be visible but not audible and I won’t be going around looking for people. If people around me believe that I want something from them, to profit from them, to cause them to lose their money stupidly – well I’m afraid that’s exactly why I label most people as so-called friends.

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