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by Captain Walker

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Gadwin is a little known software developer that I’ve stayed with for the last 10 years or so. I’ve found there products to be quite user friendly, simple and easy to use.

Screen Shot 05-13-14 at 11.01 PM

At left is a screenshot of their website taken with Gadwin Printscren Pro 5 (the latest version that was released recently). I had three other earlier versions – all fully licensed.

They’ve also brought out ScreenRecorder 5.0.

I’ve been using both of these recently and they are both so lovely. Why would I want to use these things – I’m about to be asked. I’m sure. Well – when I explain it, that is not to say that you who reads this needs it or that I’m attempting to convince you that you need it. So calm down!! Gadwin does not know that I’m writing this, and I don’t have any pecuniary (or other) advantage to be derived from shouting about their software.

Screenrecordings can and will be used by me to create online tutorials for various things.

Printscreen Pro 5.0 (and earlier versions) is useful for capturing evidence of things on my computer screen. Well yes, I know you don’t need special software to take screenshots – I’m not a dimwit, I’ll have you know. Pressing the PRTSC button on your computer’s keyboard will capture a screen but that’s it. You can’t do much more except paste it into another document.

Gadwin Printscreen pro allows me to annotate screenshots with comments, make drawings on the screenshot and a lot more. I have such need to do all this. And this is part of the reason businesses don’t mess with me, cuz I always have evidence of online transactions. Nicely with Gadwin Printscreen, it keeps a log of all screenshots, which allows me to access each screenshot at a later date and annotate as I please. Simplicity is the name of the game, when time is of the essence. I can use Adobe Photoshop CS6 but that’s too bulky for quick and easy use.

Gadwin Screen Pro also comes with a free (at this time) service that shares screenshots that you select individually online by private link to each screenshot. That means that for individual screenshots you can send to their service and then email shortlinks to others. Why is that cool? Jeeez.. I need to explain the very basics – don’t I? Well – it means that you can screenshot something instantly and not have to email a picture to someone. If you’re an idiot and worried that all your screenshots will mysteriously end up online then leave this alone – minor degrees of anxiety on your platform of brainlessness means you’re excluded.

Screenrecordings are just video of what’s happening on your computers screen (without a video camera – jeez I need to say the bleeding obvious). Yes – not everybody needs that sort of thing. Did I say everybody needs it? Chrysst!!

Gadwin GeForms is one that I used many years ago. It was very simple and usable. Even though I use Microsoft Visio and SmartDraw much more these days, I still occasionally go back to GeForms.

For those who need to get on with life and capture important things in a few seconds to avoid time-wasting later on I’d recommend Gadwin software.

As usual, people will be expected to think:

1. I’m not a geek like him, so if I do this free trial they’re offering I only need the low power version.

2. I’m not a geek period. So – I don’t have time or effort to learn any of this.

3. I don’t like his attitude so stuff it.

See – I just know what people will think before they even think it!! How cool is that?! Don’t ask.. I know!! LOL.

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