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How you pay

I just got back from having my car’s MOT sorted. For those who don’t know what that means, Google is your friend (not me).  Right , so I look at the MOT certificate and find


Reminder? What sort?

Who’s providing and collecting money for this reminder? I’ll help you out on this question click:

What sort of people are likely to take up this ‘opportunity’? 

Here’s my take on who’s likely to take this up and pay their money:

1. People who are genuinely mentally disabled (for whatever reason).

2. Genuinely stupid people.

3. Lazy and stupid people.

And who’s not likely to take this up?

1. People who can use a mobile phone to create a yearly alarm.

2. Those who can use Google Calendars to create free text-message alerts.

3. Those who are economically better off (and by extension have better phones, internet access).

4. Those who are not stupid.

5. Those who can exert a bit of mental effort to organise themselves (i.e. not lazy).

My memory is that I’ve written on this blog how people pay for their life-options –  and the above is a fine example, even if you who reads this disagrees.

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