The McAfee plague!!

For those who don’t know and are not friends with Google, McAfee is company that makes antivirus and firewall related software. As with most things you’ll always find a following of people who will shout how wonderful things are about ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’.  Screen Shot 05-22-14 at 03.16 PMAnd if you say anything negative about anything, you’re likely to be labelled on some other bandwagon. No longer is it possible to be assessing things independently in Eng-uh-land; you have to be allied to some group or the other – I’ll be told, or made to feel.

Having distracted myself with expectations of what people in the culture might think, let me get on what what I came to write about. Somebody wants to know why the software is named McAfee and is too lazy to check Google. Okay John McAfee is the chap who invented it..and he’s quite a ‘character’ – as ‘crazy’ or ‘crazed’ looking as they come!! LOL. Yes – he’s been arrested in Belize and his house has been burnt down etc. Look, you really must make Google your friend! Chrysst!!

Well, I don’t know the man from Adam and I don’t give a monkey’s about his past, present or future. All I know is that the software he created (modified by people who took it on as a business), plagues computers all over the world.

Oh sure, I should say also – to appear to be balanced, that loadsah people find McAfee to be really good and that for them it does a great job!!

Screen Shot 05-22-14 at 01.48 PMI’ve given a screenshot of my Task Manager (Windows 8.1) which shows the pest (as I see it)! McAfee came with my computer, I had uninstalled it ages ago, but it left this remnant. Conventional methods of removing it are a waste of time. It cost me about 1 hour of my life today, trying to get it removed! 

Screen Shot 05-22-14 at 01.53 PMEventually after much Googling, I came across the McAfee Cleanup Tool (clicking this causes it do seek permission to download – so don’t click it if you don’t need it. Chrysst – I have to say everything about every thing. I need to remind myself every second of the day that this is Eng-uh-land.. where people need to be ‘told’.)

I ran the McAfee Cleanup Tool thing and it got to work. I could see that about twenty McAfee related items were being removed.

I restarted my computer and it was finally weeded out!!

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