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‘The Edge’ – no mistakes in the mind.

The Edge’ – is a film screened in 1997.  No – I’m not about to do a film review, so calm down. I had completely missed this film and only viewed last night on Lovefilm which is now ‘Amazon Prime’.  Recently I’ve become rather saddened that most Sci-Fi films these days have lost the plot and forgotten that every film needs a genuine good storyline.


Well, ‘The Edge’ has a very good story line – and I’m not about to tell it. So what the devil am I on about then.

If you happen to see this film, or see it again, look for the ‘unconscious’. See how man’s motives can be seen through to, even though no word or action is expressed. Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) as the billionaire in the film sees through at least two scenarios to the truth, and he’s NOT even a psychiatrist or psychologist (in the film)!!!

Two things at least, arise from that (for me and probably not for you who reads this):

1. People tend to think or delude themselves that their intentions are not known or discoverable.

2. The ‘unconscious’ has a way of controlling the conscious mind – primal drives often (and I did not say exclusively) have a power over the rational mind.

Those who are uneducated and can’t know of ‘the unconscious’ will label all this as paranoid nonsense – and I’m sorry for such folk. There are of course true paranoid idiots out there who on very flimsy evidence jump to conclusions – and they are also as stupid. Evidence of course, is not the be-all and end-all of everything. Rational thought built on the proper application of the rules of logic is one thing – and misapplication is the exact opposite. But people all believe they are perfectly rational and logical – another trick of the ‘unconscious’.

So when I say ‘no mistakes in the mind’ – what I mean to say is that the conscious mind is often at the mercy of the crazed misguided unconscious. And the ‘conscious mind’ accepts it’s fate willingly. The unconscious does not like discomfort, stress or pain.

For me, when I see people making rather unusual decisions based on flimsy evidence or criteria, I come to realise that I need to look deeper. People who avoid me for example or set up ways of distancing themselves from me, are surely aiming to achieve something for their own comfort. 

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