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A kind of logic–among the intentionally stupid

1. Nick Leeson was rogue trader and criminal who brought down Baring’s bank in the 1990s. donkey-shrek-320x480

2. Nick Leeson was a derivatives trader – aka gambler (to most people).

3. Derivatives trading and gambling are good ways to lose money.

4. It’s all illegal – why else would they have imprisoned him.

5. I don’t care if the order of $USD 4 trillion is traded on the Forex and Derivatives markets every – it’s still gambling!!

6. I don’t care if doctors, fighter pilots, bomb-disposal experts etc take calculated risk!! They’re all gambling and it’s wrong!

7. You do what you want with your money – the little I have is safer under my mattress or in a bank!!

Did I say I believe all the above? No – but somebody out there will take it as such.

What’s all this, then?!!! It’s me practicing to be stupid! You see I criticise stupid people who jump to conclusions – so I’m making sure I can recognise and imitate similar patterns of behaviour and thinking.

When I say people are stupid, I don’t mean to insult people who are born with low levels of intelligence, suffered an uninvited traumatic brain injury, or who have been unable to access a reasonable standard of education.

However, I don’t mind insulting people who are purposefully ignorant and stupid (whether I do so is another matter). So, what does that mean?

It means:

1. Not taking time to evaluate something carefully.

2. Parroting off crap snatched from internet sources. Or even parroting non-crap in  a confused way.

3. Not evaluating evidence and information (even from internet sources).

4. People who go, “I’m not a doctor ( or lawyer or whatever)” – I’m sorry (or rather not), one does not have to have specialist education to reason properly.

I really cannot find a good reason to tolerate such people. Why? Why do I have to? Is there a law saying, “Don’t insult people who are intentionally stupid?

No – I’m not about to share loads of information on derivatives. I’m leaving stupid people to get more stupid today. Here’s the plan:

1. Get on to Google.

2. Google loads of crap.

3. Read it and gain some sort of basic understanding.

4. Then regurgitate as if you really know something.

5. And in doing the latter, break all the rules of logic.

[Just don’t do it on this blog – unless you need to be permanently banned.].

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