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More ways to think ‘stupid’.

Continuing on my ‘bandwagon’ of imitating stupidity – only to ensure that I define the concept – today I review a video and make some idiotic statements that will resound with a majority of stupid people. I assure you though that the stupid statements are based on errors of application of logic rather than any personal bias I may be perceived to have.

Here’s the video (ensure that you act stupidly about it) i.e.

1. Listen to only parts of it.

2. Skip through it rapidly.

3. Adopt a negative attitude.

4. Decide early on that ‘nobody is gonna get their hands on your money’.

5. I almost forgot – start googling madly and picking up half-baked knowledge and lies and supposed expert opinion on ‘da intanet’.  After all if it’s on dah intanet it must be true – innit? (except when you read anything written here).

Before I get going I shall declare any potential biases that may affect me:

1. I believe that money can be made by trading currencies and stocks.

2. I believe that all people take calculated risks at some time in their lives.

3. I know that spreadbetting is classified as gambling by the HMRC – and I also know that earnings derived from spreadbetting is not taxable.

4. I am supportive of such trading on the grounds that if done with sound knowledge, proper risk management, education, and proper experience – it can be quite lucrative.

5. I think that people who cannot and will not explore new options for earnings (for no valid reasons), are stupid.

Now to get on with my simulated stupid thinking about the above video:

1. She’s a good actor.

2. The whole thing is an act – obviously!!

3. Well, even if she made $USD 41 million, it doesn’t mean you will make the same or anything near that.

4. She could be a good gambler.

5. I hate her accent. She thinks she is gods gift!

6. She’s obviously been paid to say all that. She should be hard at work making more millions instead of spending time on some ditsy YouTube interview.

7. Assuming she’s honest for the moment, I couldn’t possibly do what she’s done.

8. Even if I could do like her, I’m not ready for taking the risks.

9. I just don’t have the time.

10. Money isn’t everything!!

11. The video is a waste of my time.

12. It’s all illegal – I don’t care what anybody says!

Off you go – practice hard. I aim to help all.

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