Testing idiocy

LiveFyre Sidenotes have been installed on the site. Tough – no tutorial on this. You know the magic words – ‘Google is your friend’.

sidenote livefye

This post is just to ensure that I’ve stated the bleeding obvious:

1. With each opportunity or power must come proportionate degrees of restraint and responsibility.

2. Sidenote garbage to this site and you truly risk being banned permanently.

3. How do you know what’s garbage? Well that’s anything that breaches the rules of critical thinking and logic. (Google.. is.. ).

What does all this mean.  Yes – I was afraid that somebody out there would ask a dumb-ass question like that. It means that I’m lowering my threshold for tolerance of idiocy.

And what does that mean? It means that lower degrees of idiocy will not be tolerated. This is actually an invitation to rebelliously test the threshold. So – step right up and prove my ‘threat’.

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