Why I despair for the human race..

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities, Psychology & Philosophy

I sometimes become despondent about the human race – for a number of reasons. I think to myself, that people of average intelligence surely must be able to read, understand, and apply some logic to what’s going on. Surely that sort of activity is what differentiates us from all other animal lifeforms on this planet.

But the more I go on, the more I’m convinced that I’m right that the human race will self-destruct due to an unseen virus called ‘stupidity’. And this notional virus has it’s roots in an ability to not think logically. (Yes read that again – because it is a default position of the human race). People seem to be in a mad rush, skim read stuff, and jump to conclusions; turning ideas in their heads into facts as they blaze on.

So what’s got me thinking about all this with greater despair? Well – a response to this post: Macaroni and Cheese.

You may (an important word) see my graphical response, created with Rationale – a critical thinking tool (sorry it does not teach you how to think critically, though you could learn to, by using it effectively). And for idiots out there, critical thinking is not about making critical remarks of people (I have to be careful, as this is Eng-uh-land, where criticising anyone gets you labelled as a bully or a whinger, rather quickly.]

Yes doing this has consumed time – but for my purposes it wasn’t a total waste. It gave me a reason to use the software in preparation for a few other projects on the horizon. So I’m building myself (and sure enough I don’t care who reads or doesn’t read all this written here).

Have a look at the analysis. The individual in question is expected to respond with a hissy-fit or some more garbled nonsense driven by a need to defend. The usual yarn may come out such as “I apologise.. I didn’t mean ..” blah blah.

I’ve disabled comments. [Note carefully that after this, the  test of idiocy applies to the whole site and all who access it, and to any interaction with me, so whilst I don’t give clear instructions here what to do or not do, get it wrong and you’re in serious bother. I can’t predict all the dumb-ass things people might do and tell um not to do them].


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