Sync-ing laptop or desktop to Google Cloud Drive

by Captain Walker

Categories: Technology

If the title of this post appears to be gobbledeegook to you, then you know what to do next. No? Google!!!

Google Drive is an online cloud storage drive provided by Google.  I pay $USD 9.99/mth for a 1 Terabyte of space in the cloud – and tough if some can’t afford it, or need that much space. Google provides less space for free – and you can check that with Google. 

The main point of this post about how I had to do a little sleight of hand to get Google Drive to sync selected folders on my laptop. I needed to do this because Google is more cost effective than Carbonite for me. Google_drive

Steps to doing this [ it may seem like much but only because I’ve broken it down]:

1. Download Google Drive application from Google and install.

2. On getting to screen at right you need to pause and think.

3. The first folder location you see in that image at right, will look differently. Do not panic.

4. Uncheck Sync Google Doc Files for the moment, but later on you can set this up.

5.  Uncheck the box ‘Sync Google Docs Files’.

6. Ensure the ‘Start Google drive’ box is checked.

7. This is the tricky part – because Google Drive app does not like full folders on your desktop. So create an empty folder in a place of your choice.

8. I wanted Google Drive (desktop app) to sync some of the folders in My Documents to Google Drive (in the Cloud).

9. So here’s the trick: I renamed by main documents folder on desktop from My Documents to My Documents2.

10. Then I created My Documents (which would now be empty – which Google Drive desktop app will love.

11. On the Google Drive Desktop app, I click ‘Change’ and point to the ‘new’ empty My Documents folder on my hard drive.

12. Then I copy from My Documents2 to My Documents!!!

13. Then I check which folders I want Google Drive Desktop to sync to Google Drive cloud!! Then adjust app settings to sync.

14. Bingo!! It works!! So now any stuff I save to those select hard drive folders will be automatically synced to cloud.

If you spend 5 mins doing this, you’d probably save 10 times as much time over the next year attaching stuff that you want to share to emails. How? Because you’d simply share a link and not need to attach anything.

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