Nano.. Nano!!

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

I’ve been thinking about my use of the words ‘the humans’. It seems to suggest that I’m an observer of them – and not connected to their kind. For sure I do feel that way a lot of the time. But looking back as to how I came to step out of ‘the frame’ and look from a distance, I’ve come up with a few things that have influenced me. The list here is not complete by any means.

Star Trek (the original series) through the eyes of Mr Spock was one important influence – and I don’t go into that any further.  Recently when Robin Williams committed suicide, that jogged a few memories. I recalled how I used to be glued my TV – it was ‘black and white’ TV in those days – laughing my head off at how funny it all was; his role in Mork & MIndy. What I had found so funny was the stupidity of the human beings played out through Mork’s interactions. At the end of each episode he would report to his superior officer who was some 60 Million light years away. Those reports were terribly amusing. Surely he was a from a totally different culture and forming conclusions about what he had observed. He didn’t know ‘the rules’ of human society, but was discovering them. So he got it wrong and right on many occasions. But it was how wrong or right he was that was so funny – and which at some level made me think about the human condition. No – I didn’t in my mind go, “Oh because Mork thought like this, I must think so too” – jeez the things people might come up with.].. I give up.]

Right – I don’t expect anybody to view a 49 min episode of the series above. My favourite parts are at: 9:48, 41:58, 47:49 [errh.. those time’s are clickable with a mouse, just in case someone was wondering, “Why the devil are those numbers in red or underlined?”]

Around 2002 perhaps (and my memory is inaccurate), I came across Paul Lutus’s article Interview with an Extraterrestrial.  I’ve repeatedly read this article in the first year of its discovery. I think I read it now about once per year.

So what? Nothing. I just became aware of some of my past that has so far imperceptibly influenced the way I observe the ‘world’ and those in it.

[Now – kindly desist from telling me anything related to Robin Williams and Spock and Star Trek etc – I’m not interested!! What? Yes.. I’m only concerned in this post in discovering and documenting some of the things that have influenced me. No ifs, ands or buts!!]

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