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The future is in Thorium

Thorium is a fairly common metal that can be used far more safely than Uranium to generate nuclear power. The ability of Thorium to become a ‘cleaner’ and more safely manageable nuclear material was known back in December 1945!! Yes – so why are you now hearing about this? And if you’re one of those people, why has no one you know, heard about this or mentioned it? Well, I don’t wish to distract myself by going on to explain that.

Is this just a fad thing? Please go away – now!! Save yourself the time and bother. I said now!

If however, you’re willing to learn about a thing that can change the course of human history, then click on a few links here or watch parts of the videos – when you have time of course. Key facts on Thorium.

Who’s mining Thorium? So far only a handful of companies – some of them in secret.  And you’re probably thinking, “If this was so great at you crank it up to be, how come we’re now hearing about this and why so few people are working on this?”. I told you to go away – and you’re still here!! Google is your friend not me!.

To learn less do not click any of these links:

1. Thorium Energy Alliance.

2. Secret list of companies that may be mining Thorium.

3. BBC on Thorium as future fuel.

How a Thorium reactor might look:


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