A busy time

by Captain Walker

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I just realised that I haven’t blogged on this site for some time. It’s been an intensely busy time. I’ve not even been reading what’s happening much on a certain Rock. Hmmm..’he must be distracted by something pretty big’. Sure.

I’ve been at work and at play!! LOL. Well mostly play.

Well sort of I’ve been working and playing at developing my skills in financial trading. That’s consumed most of the last year. The Cap gives it all when he finds something really big – don’t he? I’ve been ‘busy’ at www.newtrader.club.

But financial trading is just part of the whole picture, though a very big part. My sojourn into this has opened my eyes even more into the nature of the humans i.e. human nature – if you wanna be really specific. How’s that? I’m discovering that even when people are given a chance to find a skill that will free them eventually from financial slavery, they still are not willing to snatch the opportunity or work it. Ooops… I’m sure to be accused of expecting everybody to instantly jump and become traders. No – I don’t have such an expectation.

Busy 04-05-15 at 02.39 PMWhat’s amazed me is that such powerful instruments for freedom are ignored because of two main reasons:

1. Laziness.

2. Lack of time and so-called busyness.

Well, people dress up the above two in all different ways. But I don’t believe in the busyness that people claim. People find time to go to weddings and funerals – don’t they?

All the required skill can be acquired in a totally risk-free environment for not outlay of any money at all, yet many are not willing even to sniff at it. Those who take a first sniff don’t have time to sniff more. They are enslaved by whatever consumes their time – jobs, dogs to bathe, low priority bull etc etc.

If people don’t even have time to evaluate an opportunity, there is no room for development of a belief that it can work. So – that’s the end of that. I took the time and the effort. I prioritised my time in relation to my understanding and conviction. Hence, reading and writing much about news on a certain Rock, had to go (well I mean reduced substantially). Even going out for walks, cinema, TV talk shows, responding to emails – even having a wash on occasion. Yes – this is serious! I cut back on loads of other things and prioritised that which was of highest importance. When you see your ‘prey’ in your sights – is that a time to dither? Come on!

So my mind has been pretty focused like a laser beam and will remain that way. I’ve gotta make it work. If others can so can I. But if I can, you cannot!

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