Setting up labels and filters on Gmail

I’ve been using labels and filters on Gmail for quite some time. But like many things you come to appreciate them better with time. So I’ve been reviewing how I use these features.

Lately I’ve been flooded with all sorts of emails. Many of them I don’t need to look at immediately, so I didn’t want my inbox cluttered with loads of stuff to sift through manually.

Labels and filters will allow me to put things into various ‘boxes’ for review at a later date – and of course makes it easier for me to find stuff when I want. The diagram below appears as a thumbnail, which means you gotta click on it to get a larger view – and tough if you don’t know how click on and to zoom (GIYF) – and tough if your ditsy computer or whatever can’t do it.

I’ve put this up here as my aid memoire and as information for a few people. Oooo… I know a few people who think that organisation should come without effort. Yuh know – you should just wish it and it happens. If that’s you kindly return to your mother’s womb or somebody else’s womb! I don’t care!

Right – this is not a teaching or a full tutorial. If you want that from me the price is £400 per/hour paid in advance with a minimum time estimate of 1 hour.

Setting up gmail and labels

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