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Why Star Trek Voyager?

Recently I’ve become re-addicted to Star Trek Voyager. In fact I had not seen Series 5 to 7 so it was just great to catch up.

Voyager is like no other Star Trek spin off. Those who still recall and admire the original Star Trek and can’t unstick themselves from Captain Kirk, Dr McCoy and Spock will of course find this series rather empty. And that’s fine for them. Ooo.. I’ve learned to say that cuz I’ve lived in England for so long.

The Voyager series explores our humanity in a way that no other series has. Oooo.. I’m sure there’s similar but I’m not into comparisons. I take it as I find it. The themes cut to very psychological issues to put it in a tight nutshell. It goes also into law, ethics, politics and sociological concepts – all played out on a Sci-Fi stage. If Sci-Fi is not your thing cuz you were groomed by your upbringing or exposure to dislike Sci-Fi this is not for you. And that’s fine. But if you like thinking deeper about what underlies our humanity, and your own existence and functioning, then this is for you. Just hang on a moment – I’m not proffering this as some sort of ‘therapy’ for anyone. It’s just about looking inward from a different angle.

Like all series like this, the first five episodes  of the first series, is basically is about setting the stage. In those you’re getting to know the characters, their personalities and how they tick. And in those first few if you’re thinking of Jim, Spock and McCoy all the time, then you’re limiting yourself i.e. you’ve been programmed to receive things ‘one way’.

The above does not mean that I’m a ‘Treky’. I don’t even commit to memory the names of the actors – can’t recall them – I’m simply not interested in who they are. I don’t admire them as individuals, except for their exceptional abilities to act these very complex scenes and condense a story into roughly 40 minutes.  I’ll say no more before I’m accused of something.. anything.. I dunno.. I just know what people are like if you go on too long about something. BTW I’m not suggesting that anyone goes out and buys the DVDs for this series – and I have no pecuniary interest in Amazon or Amazon Prime or Netflix or anything similar.

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